Thursday, March 4, 2021

Happy Birthday Asher Leo Nova

We are so happy to welcome baby boy Asher Leo Nova into the world.  The beautiful Julia Michelle Rossi birthed him on Thursday March 4, 2021 at 5:43pm in Scripp's Memorial Hospital La Jolla, San Diego by an uncomplicated c-section.  He was born pink and crying.  This sweet and tender little man weighed a mighty 1056grams (2.2lbs) and already had a stunning length of 36cm (14inches).  He's going to be tall like his daddy.  All of the people who have met him already say that he's a feisty one, a tough little guy, a fighter and a happy baby.  As of today, Friday March 5th, Julia is recovering excellently and baby boy Asher is stable in the NICU wherep the most wonderful nurse angels are taking world-class care of our precious newborn.  We are so fortunate that Julia's milk is flowing and nourishing him already.  Our hearts go out to the many healers who helped bring this baby into the world and keep Julia healthy: Dr. Lee, Molly, Amanda, Annalisa and so many more.  Thank you.

There is no denying that we have a long and tough journey ahead of us in helping this tiny superhero to grow into the big strong fat baby we hope for.  This is not the birth we had planned or envisioned, but this is the birth that we have received, so we are making the best of it - staying positive, supportive and present through all of the challenges that this little guy is going to conquer.  

We are beyond grateful for the overwhelming love and support that you are all pouring into our lives.  I can't tell you enough how much it means to us.  Every text, call, message truly helps lift our spirits as we are reminded of the many many caring people who are praying for this little baby's health.  We are staying open to receiving all of your kindness and love during these upcoming months that will surely be an emotional rollercoaster full of celebrations and setbacks.  Please always keep reaching out, even if we are too overwhelmed to respond, it means the world to us.

I'm going to keep writing here to share our experience with all the people who care and love for this growing family.  We are praying that one day this journey will be a testament to the strength of little babies everywhere. We hope that other families who may be going through the struggles of a premature baby, infant-uterine-growth-restriction or any other type of difficulty where there newborn is staying in the nicu, will see that there is light, hope and opportunity for the most wonderful outcome.  We have faith in the miracles of the universe, the magic of modern medicine and the power of our collective spirit to heal and nourish this world and all of the beings who inhabit it.

Words cannot describe the feelings and emotions that we are experiencing at the beginning of this adventure.  It seems like in every moment there is a combination of excitement, ecstasy, joy, affection, care and gratitude, as well as the anxiety, fear, nervousness, concern and worry.  We are continually striving to ground ourselves in the present moment, to take everything as it comes one day one hour one minute at a time.

julia ready on the morning of delivery

julia's birthday snack before delivery (also rachelle's bday cookies)

jordan holding our newborn little one

jordan cutting the umbilical cord

baby asher only 5 minutes old holding on to jordan's hand

julia feeling good right after surgery

baby boy is being weighed and measured in the nicu only 15 minutes after being born

little guy is already kicking in his isolette in the NICU

we made our post-partum room as cozy as can be, the cooler is full of nourishing meals prepared with love by our family

julia standing up and walking around the day after cesarean section

Asher is coming home today

 The day has finally arrived for us to bring our baby home and we are over the moon thrilled.  We are here on day 38 of our NICU journey, an...